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Ad Gloriam is one of the most experienced translation agencies in Lithuania which provides translation and interpreting from/to various languages as well as localization services.

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Languages We Translate

Translations are made from/to the most popular European and Asian languages. At the moment we offer translations to more than 45 languages. The number of offered languages is constantly growing as we cooperate with the most professional translators in Lithuania and abroad.

Translation Services

We carry out translations according to a certain specialization. This means that economic texts will be translated by a translator specialising in economics. This kind of specialization enables us to achieve an even higher quality of translations.


The price of translations always depends on the quality. As our work quality is very high, we cannot offer the lowest prices on the market. We apply mid-level prices. Contact us regarding the specific prices already now.

Website Localization

World economy sets new requirements for companies willing to develop their business successfully and makes them look much broader than the borders of the national country.

Technical Manual Localization

The translation of technical manuals is a specific and subtle field that requires accuracy and responsibility as well as specific technical knowledge.

Software Localization

Software facilitates complex business processes, work and daily life; therefore, the user who buys software expects to read all necessary information in his/her native language.


Medical translations – when an error can be very expensive

The question how the precise information of an original text should be conveyed in the target languages of translation is solved for many years already but still...

2016 05 06

Acronyms in Lithuanian language: to be censored or accepted?

Have you ever received a short message or e-mail with a set of incomprehensible letters? If you have, you have faced an acronym – an abbreviation of words which is...

2016 04 18

Localized translations – act of communication

Mass globalization, penetration of information technologies into all spheres of life and falling borders among countries have opened doors to the business sector to the...

2016 04 18

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