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Professional Translation Agency

Ad Gloriam translation agency offers translations from/into more than 40 languages, including the most popular European and Asian languages.

We specialize in translations of Central, Eastern and Northern European languages. Our main focus is on the Baltic languages – Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian.

Languages from/into which translations are made

Dutch Estonian Polish French
Ukrainian Italian Lithuanian Russian
Czech German Norwegian
Chinese  Latvian  Danish  


These are the main languages from/into which translations are made.

You can find more information on language combinations offered by our agency here. If you do not see the required language combination in the list, contact us and we will find the best solution for you.

10 reasons to contact Ad Gloriam translation agency:

  1. Ad Gloriam translation agency provides high quality translation and interpreting services from/into various languages as well as localization services.
  2. We do not use machine translation – all translations are carried out and proofread by experienced translators and editors of high qualification.
  3. We cooperate with specialists from the entire world and select translators carefully; therefore, we can guarantee that services will be provided by real professionals of the respective field!
  4. A translation agency can offer to carry out a translation faster than one independent translator. If the work has to be done rapidly, we involve as many specialists as needed for a certain project.
  5. We additionally hire editors and linguists who proofread and improve texts accurately.
  6. Professional project managers and editors constantly supervise the quality of translation projects.
  7. Ad Gloriam has been certified to the EN 17100:2015 European Quality Standard for Translation Services and the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Standard. We ensure high quality translation of texts of various themes. You can entrust legal, technical, medical, financial, economic, scientific, advertising texts and texts of other fields to us boldly.
  8. We use modern software adapted for translation projects specifically in our work. It facilitates the control of translation terminology and faster implementation of translation projects.
  9. We use the XTRF international translation management system, which enables us to ensure the project implementation process in compliance with European standards.
  10. The translation rates depend on the language combination, specifics of a text and the possible project implementation term. We always take into regard our clients’ needs and try to make the best offer!


For more information visit our office or contact us by phone +370 610 16 061 or e-mail [email protected]



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