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XTRF System

Ad Gloriam translation agency uses the international translation project management system XTRF in its work. The system facilitates the control of almost all business pro...

2017 06 15

Who needs financial translation services?

Life doesn’t stand still and while 10 years ago personal or company financial documents were very seldom asked for, today they are used in increasing numbers and they o...

2017 05 25

New partners and colleagues

It is a pleasure for me to inform that I participated in 2016 ELIA ND Brussels. We found many new partners and colleagues, brought back some new information and ideas. I ...

2016 11 29

8 words of advice for orders of technical text translations

Technical translations are among the most demanded types of translation services; still, it is much harder to translate a technical text than a simple text

2016 07 12

Medical translations – when an error can be very expensive

The question how the precise information of an original text should be conveyed in the target languages of translation is solved for many years already but still, transla...

2016 05 06

Acronyms in Lithuanian language: to be censored or accepted?

Have you ever received a short message or e-mail with a set of incomprehensible letters? If you have, you have faced an acronym – an abbreviation of words which is usua...

2016 04 18

Localized translations – act of communication

Mass globalization, penetration of information technologies into all spheres of life and falling borders among countries have opened doors to the business sector to the i...

2016 04 18