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How to become a professional translator?

Translators are important for many organizations as they can translate from one language into another effectively. Hiring a professional translator will allow you to understand a language you have not met before. There is a lot of competition to become a translator You must prove you are a competent translator in order to start working…

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Localized translations – act of communication

Mass globalization, penetration of information technologies into all spheres of life and falling borders among countries have opened doors to the business sector to the international market. Still, the reality is that some companies or organizations succeed to enroot deeply in a foreign country while others fail. According to scientists, there exist really many reasons…

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Who needs financial translation services?

Life doesn’t stand still and while 10 years ago personal or company financial documents were very seldom asked for, today they are used in increasing numbers and they often need to be translated with up-to-date translation services required for the terms and definitions. Occasions on which translations are required include • traveling to a visa-requiring…

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XTRF System

Ad Gloriam translation agency uses the international translation project management system XTRF in its work. The system facilitates the control of almost all business processes and enables the agency to work on the international level. The use of XTRF system enables the agency to offer prices acceptable to the client, to control the quality of…

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