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Estonian Translation

Only high quality technical, business, medical, legal, economic and other field translations from Estonian to Lithuanian and from Lithuanian to Estonian – this is the objective of Ad Gloriam translation agency.

We provide the following Estonian translation services:

Translation from Estonian to English Translation from English to Estonian
Translation from Estonian to Russian Translation from Russian to Estonian
Translation from Estonian to Swedish Translation from Swedish to Estonian
Translation from Estonian to German Translation from German to Estonian
Translation from Estonian to Norwegian Translation from Norwegian to Estonian
Translation from Estonian to Latvian Translation from Latvian to Estonian
Translation from Estonian to Lithuanian Translation from Lithuanian to Estonian
Translation from Estonian to Polish Translation from Polish to Estonian
Translation from Estonian to French Translation from French to Estonian
Translation from Estonian to Ukrainian Translation from Ukrainian to Estonian
Translation from Estonian to Dutch Translation from Dutch to Estonian
Translation from Estonian to Danish Translation from Danish to Estonian
Translation from Estonian to Czech Translation from Estonian to Czech
Translation from Estonian to Italian Translation from Italian to Czech


All our translators are specialists with many years of experience, they know the subtleties of the Estonian language well and can provide the highest quality translation services to you and your business.

If you need a translation of marketing material, technical manuals, legal documentation or any other documents from or to almost any language of the world, we will help you will pleasure.

We carry out all translations taking into regard the cultural and identity differences of countries in order to avoid intercultural miscommunication, which can lead to an unsuccessful end of a business deal.

All translations of Ad Gloriam translation agency comply with strict ISO quality standards and requirements. We are punctual and reliable. 

Interesting facts about the Estonian language

The Estonian Language is one of the representatives of the Baltic Finnic branch of the Finno-Ugric language family.

The Estonian ancestors settled near the Baltic Sea 13 000 years ago after the present territory of Estonia freed itself from glacier after the last glacial period.

The word Estonia (Eesti) derives from ancient Scandinavians who called the tribes living east from Scandinavia “esti”. A slightly different version of this word “aesti” was used in the writing of Tacitus Germania in the year 98 AD. Estonians themselves started using the name of the country Eesti widely not earlier than in the 19th century.

The Estonian language is mostly spoken by the inhabitants of Estonia, and the total number of people using this language is about 1.1 million. The Finnish, Karelian, Veps, Votic and Livonian languages are the closest to the Estonian language. Before the division, these languages were greatly influenced by the Baltic languages and later – by the German and Slavic languages.

Estonian differs from the closely related Finnish.

Similarly to Icelandic, Estonian is one of the “smallest” languages of the world by the number of its users presently.

The first attempts to describe the Estonian language scientifically were made in the 17th century. Lectures were read in German at the University of Tartu established in 1632, and Estonian was included into the curriculum from 1803.

As ideas of enlightenment spread in the 19th century, the first educated Estonians started announcing their scientific research in their native language.

The Estonian Writers’ Association established in 1871 took the obligation to standardize the literary language.

Lectures were read in the Estonian language at the University of Tartu from 1919, and Estonian became the language of studies in the same year.

Presently the research of the Estonian language is carried out at the Institute of the Estonian Language in Tallinn, University of Tartu, Tallinn Pedagogical University, and in various scientific research institutes around the world.

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