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Localization Engineering

Localization is the adaptation of a product, service, website or software to another language and culture, taking into account the differences in culture, history, consumption habits etc. Localization helps to avoid intercultural miscommunication and helps you reach your target audience in the international market.

The Ad Gloriam translation agency collaborates with translators who have many years of experience, who specialize in the business, IT, medical and other specific fields of translation, who also have excellent knowledge of terminology and linguistics.

We guarantee that the translated information will be adapted to the target audience, ensuring the correct use of modern language and bridging the differences in culture and mentality.

Stages of localization:

  • Each task is assigned to a professional who specializes in that particular field, for example, a software manual will be translated by a translator who has an IT qualification
  • Detailed analysis of documents, software or websites, editing of existing content in the original language.
  • Analysis and preparation of a document, software, and website localization kits, including all source files and different formats for translation work.
  • Analysis of the market for which the text has to be localized;
  • Creation of a uniform glossary allowing correct and consistent translation of specific terms;
  • Text translation and adaptation to the particular market;
  • Adaptation of visual information of individual elements, such as currency or measurement, to the particular market;
  • Full editing of the newly prepared information is carried out by a translator who is a native speaker of the language of the translated text.

Here at Ad Gloriam translation agency we believe in continuous improvement of our qualifications and skills and so we regularly attend seminars and training, and we use advanced localization applications, we can, therefore, guarantee our customers the highest quality services.


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