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Mobile Apps Localization

In the last few years more than half a million mobile apps have been created worldwide, users have downloaded them more than 10 billion times.

It is likely that these numbers will grow in the future, so now is a good time for businesses to make use of this smart technology market to attract new customers and solidify the loyalty of existing customers.

However, irrespective of the purpose and goal of the app, all the visual and written information in it plays a communication role – users of different cultures, traditions and habits may understand it differently, posing the risk that your message might be misunderstood or incorrectly interpreted. Mobile apps localization solves this problem and helps to reach the target market and potential customers.

The Ad Gloriam translation agency collaborates with highly experienced translators and IT specialists, so we can offer our customers the mobile app localization services that meet the highest quality standards.

We will take care of everything – from translation to adaptation of visual information – so that you have a localized app adapted to the foreign market.

Mobile apps localization includes:

  • Content adjustment in original language;
  • Creation of a uniform glossary allowing correct and consistent translation of specific terms;
  • Translation of the mobile app’s text into the target language;
  • Translation of individual elements and their adaptation to a particular market;
  • Adaptation of visual information to a particular market;
  • Final editing of the new language version.

Our specialists at the Ad Gloriam translation agency can provide a full mobile apps localization into English, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Spanish, Italian, Latvian, Polish, Dutch, French, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, Ukrainian and German.


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