Who needs financial translation services?

2017 05 25 10:42

Life doesn’t stand still and while 10 years ago personal or company financial documents were very seldom asked for, today they are used in increasing numbers and they often need to be translated with up-to-date translation services required for the terms and definitions. Occasions on which translations are required include

• traveling to a visa-requiring country
• getting a loan for your house renovation or your children’s education
• starting your own business when you need to attract outside investment and so on.

What are the different types of financial documents? Let’s consider the list below:

1. Balance sheet
2. Income statement
3. Cash flow statement
4. Profit and loss statement
5. Common size financial statement
6. Employment letter
7. Pay stub or pay advance
8. Statement about retirement benefits
9. Statement about personal income and many others.

Each of these documents has certain peculiarities that only a translation agency may be aware of. A Translation company, as a rule, has been engaged for a number of years in language translation services, so it knows:

1) Which requirements, words and parts of the document include common expressions that must be translated in one way only.
2) The required format of the translated documents that will be accepted by different authorities and other agencies, including embassies. That is why, when picking up any of your documents for professional language translation services, any translation services agency that has a long-standing reputation must give you the translated document in the specific format meeting all the necessary criteria.
3) How to provide financial translation and not distort any word in it in order to prevent future reader(s) from being misled.

If you are bilingual and understand both languages well, document translation is not particularly difficult. But this is only 100% true if, as well as the everyday language, you also know the language of the field in question – in this case, the financial one. Terms used in this area are studied by people for many years in college and one term may have the specifications and subtleties that can change the essential meaning of the document if used wrongly. In order to translate everything correctly, you really have to look for a good translation agency, you may receive many proposals from other translators or even find a translation ad agency that doesn’t even exist , or they may only be ‘generalists’ and thus, they may not cope with financial translation.

This will not be the case when you use the services of our online translation agency, as we:

• specialize in the financial area,
• have specialists who are experts in the translation of financial terms and who have many years of relevant working and translation experience,
• have been delivering our professional translation services to companies (all kinds of legal entities), private individuals (including public persons, who require an absolutely stainless reputation) for many years,
• deliver a financial translation service that is not expensive – meaning you get more for your money than with any other language translation agency with the same quality,
• we deliver financial statement translation or any other document within the agreed timeframes.

What else should you know about our work and cooperation with us?
– We use JIT technology in our company. This means that you will receive your translation Just-In-Time from our professional translation agency or even ahead of schedule.

– We never accept work that we cannot cope with. That is why we look at a small sample of the work first to ensure that we can deliver the required quality – as inferior quality is not in your interest or ours.

– We offer discounts to our regular customer.

Place your order right now – and we will contract you shortly to agree all the details of the order and the time of its execution. When selecting a reasonable price on the internet, select only the best specialists in the area – don’t compromise on quality or deadlines.

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