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Project Management

Ad Gloriam translation agency always uses the latest technical solutions which allow us to offer our customers even higher quality services, faster translation, and more attractive prices.

To this end, we have recently implemented the “XTRF” international project management system for translation agencies.

How useful is this system for us and our customers? 

Better translations

The XTRF system makes it possible to speed up the translation process by automating many daily technical tasks related to project administration. It can be safely entrusted with such tasks as the creation of contracts, invoices, reports and other documents, price calculation, sending notifications, the creation of work schedule etc. The system will carry these out more quickly than employees, who in turn can concentrate all their efforts on ensuring that the project runs smoothly.

Less errors

The automation of most of the technical tasks not only saves time but also prevents human errors. Project managers usually work with several projects at a time so there is a chance of missing important details or mixing up customer data. A project management system helps to avoid such misunderstandings, thus saving the time needed to solve them.

More attractive price

By performing various technical tasks, the XTRF system shortens the time spent on them, allowing us to offer our customers more attractive translation prices without sacrificing quality. This system also allows us to implement particularly small projects that would otherwise not be worth accepting due to their low budget and high administration costs.

More accurate selection of professionals

The XTRF system gives the translation agency access to a database of translators and editors working in various countries. The system automatically selects professionals who best match the specifications of each project, indicates their prices, notifies on availability and sends requests. This means that a huge amount of work is done more quickly and efficiently, while saving time for the project manager who otherwise would have to review the descriptions of all potentially suitable translators and editors, then contact the chosen candidates, send inquiries about prices and availability, wait for replies, coordinate all the project’s details and ensure that no important information is lost among the plethora of emails.

Faster communication

The XTRF system is based on cloud computing and has three separate (but interconnected) accesses for customers, the translation agency and translators/editors. The system allows everyone to see the progress of a project, receive quick notifications and to respond quickly to them. For example, as soon as a translation is completed the translator can upload it to the system which will automatically notify the editor who is to review the text. This is especially relevant if translators and editors work in different time zones. The XTRF system also allows all the project-related information to be provided and project participants to be notified of any changes, thus avoiding long email correspondence, which wastes precious time and increases the chance of losing information.

More transparency

Sometimes it is not clear for customers why the translation agency offers certain project deadlines, prices or status of translation. However, via the XTRF system, the customers can see how their project is being implemented when it will be completed. Customers can also make requests and leave comments at the end of a project. This shows our customers that we work transparently and honestly.

Higher motivation

Translating and editing are responsible tasks and require a lot of attention and speed. So in order to help our dedicated professionals to withstand pressure, remain motivated and give priority to the customers of our translation agency, we have to respond quickly to their requests, provide instructions, pay them on time, know their availability and not overload them with work. The XTRF system will be very useful for this because it lets translators notify us about their availability and rate changes and also to provide project-related inquiries that will not get lost among other information.

More efficient allocation of resources

The role of the project management is extremely important. However, if they become overloaded with technical work that could be done more quickly and without errors by an automated system, their precious time and skills are wasted. The XTRF system is able to allocate human resources better and use the project manager’s capabilities where they are most needed – for solving problems that require specific skills.


The XTRF system allows the customer to provide direct feedback on the work of translation professionals. This additionally motivates translators and editors, reduces the feeling of being a small cog in a big system and lets them better evaluate their strong and weak sides. For the translation agency, the customer feedback provides useful insight on our professionals and customer expectations.

Quick translation delivery

Project completion is a good opportunity to communicate with the customer and hear their evaluations and future expectations. However, sometimes the most important thing for the customer is to receive the completed project as soon as possible. In such a case, the XTRF system will automatically, at any time of the day and without delay, send a notification on the completed project with a download link.

Modern process

In Ad Gloriam translation agency, the XTRF project management system is integrated with software such as MemoQ, XTM, Trados, SDLX, Logoport and DéjàVu.


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