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AD GLORIAM offers extensive Transcription services to its global clients, in many industries. Our services are handled by a pool of expert, experienced and dedicated professionals using cutting-edge technology all of which results in a very professional outcome. Needless to say, our clients get superb value for the money that they invest in our services. No matter what type of transcription service you are looking for – Audio Transcription services, Medical Transcription services or any other type of transcription service – we can provide you with exactly the service you need.

The services we offer and the industries we serve

Transcribing is the process of putting speech into electronic text documents. In this case, the electronic drafting is made in the same vernacular in which is the speech was recorded. Our expert transcribers watch and/or listen to the video and audio records in an attentive manner and subsequently, transcribe the speech to electronic documents. We can translate speech into one or several international languages, according to the needs and requirements of the client.

Depending on the exact nature of the service required by the client the transcription can either be a simple transcription or it can involve various parts such as transcribing speech from the recorded source and then transcribing it into as many languages as required. In cases like this, we will deliver the primary transcription, in the source language, along with the translated files, in the languages of choice for the customer. Our transcribers and translators work together with the customer to come up with the specific solutions required by the customer.

By working with us, clients are assured that they will get the high-quality service they expect and we guarantee to deliver the transcription within the timeline set by the customer.

Our online transcription service is regularly availed of by companies from all branches of industry. For instance, in addition to serving the Healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, we cater to Media Companies that avail of our interview transcription services as well as our legal transcription services. These services are much appreciated by customers because of their high quality and value for money.

How are we different from our closest competitors?

As the global leader in transcription services, we don’t do anything special, but, whatever we do, we do it with great passion, so that we can deliver a unique product. We are a technology driven company and have the best professionals on board. In addition, we are dedicated to delivering the best services at modest rates. Our customers really appreciate the value they get for their money.

We receive exceptionally positive reviews of our services and this makes us all the more reliable and trustworthy to our global customers.

Contact us today and get the first-hand experience of the best quality transcription services, at very reasonable rates.


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