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Website localization

Website localization allows you to avoid damaging misinformation and helps you to reach your target market.

When business is expanding to foreign markets, it needs global solutions to reach its target audience – customers, partners or consumers.

A website is a fastest and simplest way to represent a company.

Irrespective of the website’s purpose, all the visual or textual information on it plays a communication role that can be incorrectly interpreted or misunderstood by potential customers of different cultures and traditions.

It is important to understand that website localization is not only text translation into another language but also the adaptation of visual and textual information to the target audience, environment, traditions, and habits.

Ad Gloriam translation agency works with highly experienced proficient translators, and we also cooperate with web market specialists, this means that we can offer the highest-quality localization services, from text translation to technical administration to adaptation of visual information.

We can take care of every detail and provide you with a fully localized website adapted to the appropriate foreign market.

Website localization includes:

  • Adjustment of the content of the existing website, code clean-up and other preparatory steps;
  • Creation of a uniform glossary in order to ensure correct and consistent translation of specific terms used on the website;
  • Translation of all the pages on the website into the target desired language;
  • Text uploading to the website via its content management system;
  • Linking the website with links;
  • Translation of individual elements and adapting them to a particular market;
  • Final full editing of the new language version.

Our specialists at the Ad Gloriam translation agency can provide a full website localization into English, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Spanish, Italian, Latvian, Polish, Dutch, French, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, Ukrainian and German.

Our business website localization services comply with ISO 17100:2015 quality standards, a guarantee of a great final result.


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